Tutorial: Narodzil śe nam by František Prášil

This song is a part of the freely available online choral tutorial library with music from Slovak composers. It was created with the support of Slovak Arts Council (Fond na podporu umenia).

Basic information about Narodzil śe nam

Composer: František Prášil
Description: Christmas carol arrangement
English name: Coming to This World (translation of all lyrics can be found in the bottom part of the page)
Sheet music: Musica Slovaca, catalog no. 0085

Tutorial recordings for Narodzil śe nam

The performance is in the prescribed tempo, recorded by members of the Technik STU Choir. If you are interested in singing with the Technik STU choir, consider joining us.


Choral performance of Narodzil śe nam

Common lyrics of Narodzil śe nam with an English translation

Narodzil śe nam ňeba śveta Pan,
Coming to this world, Lord of Heaven, Earth,

hlapčik šumni, mali, ľudze śe klaňali
such a pretty little child, people kneeling to his might

Jemu v Betleheme.
in the town of Bethlehem

Na slame ľeží hlapčik naš, Ježiš,
Our little boy was born, Jesus, lying on the straw,

šumňe pokukuje, jak von viter duje
watching, with his pretty eyes, winds that shape the clouds and skies

v mesce Betleheme
in the town of Bethlehem

NOTE: The lyrics are in an Eastern Slovak dialect, and their IPA transcription includes the dialectal ś sound [ɕ] (same as the sound represented by Standard Polish ś).

Further help, notes on pronunciation and English approximations of the sounds can be found in this Wikipedia article.