Tutorial: Ešte sa raz obzrieť mám by Ján Cikker

This song is a part of the freely available online choral tutorial library with music from Slovak composers. It was created with the support of Slovak Arts Council (Fond na podporu umenia).

Basic information about Ešte sa raz obzrieť mám

Composer: Ján Cikker
Description: Folk song arrangement
English name: I Should Look Back Once Again (translation of all lyrics can be found in the bottom part of the page)

Tutorial recordings for Ešte sa raz obzrieť mám

The performance is both at a practice tempo (to make it easier to learn voice parts) and in the recommended tempo, recorded by members of the Technik STU Choir. If you are interested in singing with the Technik STU choir, consider joining us.


© Miroslav Bárdi – Jeseň okolo Banskej Bystrice, 2019

Choral performance of Ešte sa raz obzrieť mám

Common lyrics of Ešte sa raz obzrieť mám with an English translation

Ešte sa raz obzrieť mám,
I should look back once again

k tým bystrickým záhradám.
to those gardens of Bystrica

Mám tam jedno potešenia,
I have my darling there

ešte raz naň zavolám.
whom I would call at once again

Ej, volala, volala,
Oh, she called, she called

ručičku mu dávala.
she gave him her tiny hand

Keď sa oni rozlúčali,
When they were parting

priamo ona skonala.
she perished at once