Tenor tutorial for Oddavac še budu by Jan Rozehnal

The Oddavac še budu song learning material for the tenor vocal group is a part of the freely available online choral library with music from Slovak composers. It was created with the support of Slovak Arts Council (Fond na podporu umenia).

In addition to the tutorial recordings for tenors (found below), we include the lyrics of the tenor group with their pronunciation. These can be found in the bottom part of the page.

Tenor tutorial for song Oddavac še budu

The performance is in the prescribed tempo, recorded by members of the Technik STU Choir. If you are interested in singing with the Technik STU choir, consider joining us.

Tenor in the foreground

Tenor 1
Tenor 2

Recording of all voices without tenors

All voices without tenor 1
All voices without tenor 2

All voices together

Tenor lyrics and pronunciation for Oddavac še budu

Original text transcribed using the International Phonetic Alphabet.

/: Vtedy kvitky tarhaj
ftɛdi kvitki tarɦaj
ked še rozvijaju.
kɛd ʃɛ rɔzvijaju :/
/: Vtedy mne, mamko, daj
ftɛdi mnɛ mamkɔ daj :/ 3x
kedy mne pytaju.
kɛdi mnɛ pitaju

Further help, notes on pronunciation and English approximations of the sounds can be found in this Wikipedia article.

Choral interpretation of Oddavac še budu