Tutorial: Aká si mi krásna by Eugen Suchoň

This song is a part of the freely available online choral tutorial library with music from Slovak composers. It was created with the support of Slovak Arts Council (Fond na podporu umenia).

Basic information about Aká si mi krásna

Composer: Eugen Suchoň
Description: Hymnic song
English name: O, How Beautiful You Are (translation of all lyrics can be found in the bottom part of the page)
Sheet music: Music Fund Slovakia, catalog no. 1181

Tutorial recordings for Aká si mi krásna

The performance is in the prescribed tempo, recorded by members of the Technik STU Choir. If you are interested in singing with the Technik STU choir, consider joining us.

Choral performance of Aká si mi krásna

Common lyrics of Aká si mi krásna with an English translation

Aká si mi krásna,
O, how beautiful you are,
ty rodná zem moja.
my home country.
Krásne i tie hory,
And beautiful are the mountains
kol teba čo stoja.
that tower around you.
Krásne je i nebo
And beautiful is the sky
nad tými horami.
above those mountains.
Žehnám ťa, vítam ťa
I bless you; I welcome you
vďačnými slzami.
with thankful tears.